Onsite Service

XDC+Public DNS

XDC+Public DNS is a secure, fast and pollution-free recursive DNS resolution service launched by XDC+. It provides internet users with high-performance, stable and reliable recursive solutions. Users can enjoy malware site blocking services from the cloud in real time, and get rid of DNS pollution and hijack completely.

Fast resolution
Active acceleration to reduce public DNS recursive
process and speed up domain name resolution
Security and stability
High-performance DNS system with fast recovery to normal access.
Mass network coverage
Massive acceleration nodes are deployed throughout the network,
covering key domestic cities and regions

DNS Introduction

DNS (Domain Name System) is a distributed database that stores the mapping between domain names and IP addresses on the Internet. After using DNS, users can easily access the Internet without having to remember complex IP addresses. This is obtained through the domain name. The process of corresponding IP addresses is called domain name resolution.

Application scenarios of XDC+ public DNS

NO hijacking, NO malware, NO intrusive advertising, XDC+ public DNS makes every visit fast, secure, and unobstructed.。

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