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XDC+ be Awarded "2019 China IDC Industry Quality Service”



From December 17th to 19th, the 14th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony was held in Beijing. The conference takes the theme as "New infrastructure, New industry, New situation", gathering experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from data center, cloud computing, network operator, Internet and other industries. During the conference, participants discussed the development challenge and opportunity of the IDC industry in the digital age. At the same time, a group of companies was awarded for making outstanding contributions to the development of the industry.


After being awarded with the "Excellent Data Center Most Innovative Value Award", "Most Potential Enterprise Award", and "China IDC Industry Outstanding Third-Party Data Center Award", XDC+ Data Center has attained another award as "China IDC Industry Quality Service" this year.



Driven by 5G, AI, edge computing and other new technologies, the amount of data has exploded, and the application scenarios of data centers have further expanded. As a high-standard ecological data center in China, XDC+ has accumulated a wealth of experience in IDC industry. The company focuses on enhancing the operational capabilities, strengthening maintenance management, and innovating the service system. These consistent main focuses facilitate the strategically transformation and upgrading of enterprises, accordingly promote the digitalization of the industry. Thus, XDC+ has been well received by customers and the industry.


In recent years, data centers are changing from the past "tool" function to the "productivity" role. Therefore, users not only pay attention to the infrastructure of the data center, but also evaluate the service capabilities of the data center. XDC+ Data Center adheres to customer service-oriented as our principle, always put the customer's needs as our ultimate goal, so that every customer satisfaction is our eternal commitment.


XDC + data center has attained the Certification of Design and Construction in Uptime Tier IV standard, and the security of the data center presents the top level across the world. With competitive advantages, such as high-density cabinets, self-owned DCI dedicated networks, and BGP bandwidth, XDC+ is able to offer customized services based on client’s requirements, fully satisfy customer’s different needs.


In the operation and maintenance management, XDC+ follows the standard of Uptime Tier IV operational sustainability to establish the maintenance system and procedures in strict standards. Engineers who run the data center must all hold the ITIL V3 certification, and keep it up 24hours a day, seven days a week. Engineers take quick action to check and clear a fault, with “five-minutes response” promise. XDC+ provides exclusive services at different levels such as remote assistance, technical support, and expert teams consultant, to ensure the secure and stable operation of the business. DCIM platform realizes the maintenance procedure more visual and intelligent, significantly improves the working efficiency and optimizes IT operations and business operation management quality. In addition, XDC+ also provides an exclusive office environment for 5A customers, with optimal configuration and intelligent on-site office.


To award the "China IDC Industry Quality Service" fully validates the capability of XDC + in promoting the development of the industry and assisting customers in digital transformation. Today's honor is the driving force of tomorrow. In the future, XDC + will continue to optimize various operating processes and management systems, ultimate improve service quality and efficiency, refine the needs of customers, and promote data center services to be more predictive, precise and specific, ensure customer’s business in secure and stable operation.

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