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XDC+ Data Center Attained Tier IV Gold Certification


The Spring Festival is coming, and we have a great news to announce! China (Wuxi XDC+) International Data Center, one of our XDC+ data centers, have just passed the assessment by the Uptime Institute, attained the Tier IV Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS) in high scores, becoming the FIRST and ONLY data center with Tier IV Gold Certification in Greater China.


China (Wuxi XDC+) International Data Center is located in Wuxi, a city where sets up the National Sensor Network Innovation Zone, the National Cloud Computing, and the National Next Generation Internet pilot project. The data center is in a perfect location with great policy, resources and geography advantages. The total construction area of the data center is 107,256 square meters. In the first phase, there are four modules with a total of 1368 racks. Racks are designed in 48U+8U high density, an average power of 8kw. The second phase of the project is under planning, and there will be over 12,000 racks upon completion.


China (Wuxi XDC+) International Data Center is designed, constructed and operated according to Uptime Tier IV standards, providing our clients with data centers, dedicated circuits, backbone transmission networks, X-Cloud, disaster recovery, and multi-active data center-based construction, maintenance, consulting one-stop service. The Uptime Institute,founded in 1993, has been dedicated to the research of data center infrastructure for more than 20 years. It is a globally recognized data center authority, known for the creation and atmos of the world’s most adopted standards for optimal data center performance management. Uptime delivers four levels of data center performance: Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, and Tier IV. Tier IV has the highest level and the highest security. Currently, Tier certification has been recognized by more than 85 countries and regions around the world, and is a common standard for the global data center industry.

For Uptime Tier certification, each level includes three dimensions: Tier Certification of Design (TCDD), Tier Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF), and Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS). The value of three dimensions goes up in turn and links to each other. Only those who pass the previous certification are eligible to apply for the latter. After passing the Tier IV design and construction certification in 2017 and 2019, XDC+ has been maintenance the data center over a year with strong security concept, strict operating regulations and responsibility management. Eventually, we passed the assessment of Gold Tier IV certification of operational sustainability (TCOS) with high score.

Operation and maintenance management has a crucial impact on the reliability and security of the data center. In the future, XDC + will continue to comply with the Tier IV gold certification to maintain the data center with zero hidden dangers, delays, and failures, ensuring the data center secure and efficient.


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