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Tier IV Gold, High Standard Data Center Assurance


In January 2020, XDC+'s China (Wuxi XDC+) International Data Center passed the evaluation by the Uptime Institute, attained Tier IV operation certification (TCOS) with high score, which means XDC+ becomes the first and only gold Tier IV certificated data center in Greater China.


Uptime Institute is the IT industry’s most trusted and adopted global standard for the proper design, build and operation of data centers. It divides data centers into four levels: Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, and Tier IV. Tier IV is the highest level with the maximum security. The data center infrastructure in according to Tier IV standard is required with all 2N configurations, and the ability to tackle with emergency situations without interruption.


For Uptime Tier certification, each level includes three dimensions: Tier Certification of Design (TCDD), Tier Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF), and Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS). The value of three dimensions goes up in turn and links to each other. Only those who pass the previous certification are eligible to apply for the latter. Uptime Institute's Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability (TCOS) is divided into three levels of gold, silver and bronze. Gold medal is valid for 3 years, silver medal valid for 2 years, and the bronze medal is valid for 1 year.


Currently, only 15 data centers in the world have passed the Gold Certification of Uptime Tier IV. These data centers are located in the United States (3), Canada (1), Mexico (1), Chile (1), Spain (3) ), Saudi Arabia (Block 2), Turkey (Block 1), Australia (Block 2) and other places, and there is only one data center ( XDC + ) in Greater China that has obtained the Uptime Tier IV Gold Certification.


Highly recognized by Uptime experts

Operation and maintenance last the longest period of data center service time circle, and it has a crucial impact on the reliability and security of the data center. As the highest level of certification in the data center industry, Tier Certification of Data Center Operational Sustainability takes a holistic view that covers multiple criteria in five categories, include staffing and organization, maintenance, training, planning, coordination and management, and operating conditions.


During the assessment, Uptime experts came to the XDC + data center for on-site inspections, auditing staffing and organization, training, planning, coordination and management, and other aspects. The XDC + technical team has an excellent performance with an organized professional team, strict management principles, and “zero errors and zero risks” in operation and maintenance, which has been highly recognized by the Uptime expert team.


Intelligent operation and maintenance management

Since its establishment, XDC + has taken “China's High-standard Data Center Leader” as its mission, focusing on Tier IV data center construction. Driving by the five categories of Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability, XDC+ team works closely to drill down into details and coordinate efficiently, emphasizing "security" in the entire process of operation and maintenance management.

In the process of building the Tier IV Gold certified data center, XDC + formed an intelligent management solution for security operation and maintenance, relying on the DCIM platform to build system modules such as security management, operation and maintenance management, and service management. The daily operation inspections, regular equipment maintenance, internal and external personnel training and assessment, equipment room load management, capacity forecasting and other aspects are all managed and executed by the integrated management system platform. It runs the data center more predictive, secure and controlled, and significantly improves the operation and maintaining support capabilities, and the level of data center internet of things.



Endless Innovation and Optimization

Pursuing for innovation and technology, XDC+ keeps the pace of innovation and never slows down. In the future, the team will strictly implement various rules and regulations, while continue to optimize and simplify the management procedures.

Optimizing the procedure includes making all the maintenance records "the finest particles", specific to each operation, each time point of the operation steps and facilities state records. , While simplifying is to refine the procedure with efficiency, and regularly summarize, optimize, adjust, and update the procedures. Eventually, it forms the most effective and efficient maintenance management system that is most suitable for XDC+.

In the digital age, operation and maintenance work is developing more automatic. Thus, XDC+ strives to build a monitorable, automated, and intelligent operation system by utilize various intelligent methods, such as DCIM, BA and other digital system platforms, so to provide users with safe and efficient services.


XDC+ adheres to the value concept of “excellent standards, security first ", makes the security level to the highest, and services to the ultimate!

XDC+ Tier IV Gold data center, escort for your data security, for your success!

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